has open alerts Load average 5 minutes higher 50 - currently: 61
Uptime / Load Jul 15 Jul 16 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19 Jul 20 Jul 21
Website/Control Panel 99.999%
Forum 99.995%
WebFTP 100%
Database Server 100%
Nodes 4.58 3.4 2.85
Node Bridges
Master Bridge/Backend Controller 99.998%
Comet Bridge 99.977%
Sam Bridge 99.92%
Duck Bridge 99.975%
External Services
ClouDNS API 100%
Mail Server
Mail Server (SG, Outbound) 100%
Mail Server (Internal, Inbound) 100%
Mail Server (Internal, Outbound) 100%
FTP Servers
Comet FTP 99.988%
Duck FTP 99.989%
Sam FTP 99.92%
No/minor issues (>99.9% uptime) Short outage (>99% uptime)
Issues reported
Major outage (<99%) High Load Average


June 21st, 2019

Duck offline

Duck node services have been started and the system should be restored.


Server hardware has been restarted and is back online, we should spin up the services in about 10 minutes


Our provider has sent an on-site tech to perform a physical server restart.


Duck node is currently unavailable, we are waiting for more information from our provider.