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Website/Control Panel 99.983%
WebFTP 99.871%
Forum 99.989%
Database Server 99.997%
Master Bridge/Backend Controller 99.982% 3.04 2.31 3.63 3.56 2.67 0.31
Mail Server
Mail Server (Internal, Outbound) 99.999%
FTP Servers
Duck FTP 99.974%
Sam FTP 99.947%
Osiris FTP 99.933%
Helios FTP 100%
Magnus FTP 100%
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Issues reported
Major outage (<99%) High Load Average


September 17th, 2020

Cloudflare issues
Affected services: Website/Control PanelWebFTPForum

Looks like Cloudflare is having some issues causing access to our website to be unstable, waiting on additional information.

September 8th, 2020

Discord Connection Issue

Our Discord bots are back online! Your CPU bonus should start to be applied in no more than 10 minutes from now, if you joined the Discord while the bot was offline and did not get your role notify an admin or rejoin This also means that the #availability channel is now working again


After some further investigation we expect to have all systems restored in about 8 hours from now.


We are still waiting on a ticket response from Discord before the bots can come back online


Our Website -> Discord link is currently broken, this means that roles, CPU bonus, #availability and platform stats are not working. So if you don't see your CPU bonus being applied this is the problem, but don't worry, it will apply as soon as the bots are back online.

August 30th, 2020

Cloudflare Issue
Affected services: Website/Control PanelForumWebFTP

The Cloudflare issue that was causing connection issues to our (and many other) websites appears to be resolved, all systems are now working normally.


Cloudflare (our CDN provider) is currently experiencing some issues that might cause some users not to be able to access our website or for it to be very slow. For more information refer to Cloudflare status on This inly affects our Web services (control panel, website, forum and webftp), servers are not affected.