All services are online.No open issues , last issue was 3 days ago on ClouDNS API.
Uptime / Load Sep 11 Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14 Sep 15 Sep 16 Sep 17
Website/Control Panel 99.996%
Forum 99.999%
WebFTP 100%
Database Server 100%
Nodes 2.59 0.84 1.43 2.63
Node Bridges
Master Bridge/Backend Controller 99.999%
Sam Bridge 100%
Duck Bridge 99.993%
Osiris Bridge 98.604%
Helios Bridge 100%
Magnus Bridge 100%
External Services
ClouDNS API 100%
Mail Server
Mail Server (SG, Outbound) 100%
Mail Server (Internal, Inbound) 100%
Mail Server (Internal, Outbound) 100%
FTP Servers
Duck FTP 99.993%
Sam FTP 100%
Osiris FTP 98.969%
Helios FTP 100%
Magnus FTP 100%
No/minor issues (>99.9% uptime) Short outage (>99% uptime)
Issues reported
Major outage (<99%) High Load Average


September 6th, 2019

Osiris offline
Affected services: osiris.freemcserver.netOsiris FTPOsiris Bridge

Users, The Osiris node will be coming back online on the next minutes. We will continue to monitor this node for any further issue.


Users, We have identified what caused the node to go offline, we have restarted the node but will keep it in maintenance mode (so servers on this node cannot be started either can you access FTP) until our provider confirms us some details of the issue. More information will be posted when available.

PS: Yes, your server files are fine.


We are currently investigating an issue with OSIRIS node. We don't have any ETA for a fix at this time, more information will follow when available.